Teflon™ Profile Nonstick Coating

Taking Inspiration from Nature

Teflon™ Profile is the latest premium nonstick coating. It leverages a revolutionary skin technology that offers outstanding durability and superior scratch resistance, thanks to the unique materials in the topcoat and midcoat.

The survival secret of some of our planet's toughest, oldest species is their natural armor—from the nubbly grain of the buffalo hide to bony scales on reptiles and rough skin that protects sharks from parasites.

Teflon™ Profile nonstick emulates nature’s successful concept by creating a raised pattern that's considerably more resistant than smooth coating surfaces. This unique skin technology offers a robust premium coating that looks good longer.

The Topcoat

A high-performance polymer creates the coating's lotus effect, named after the lotus plant because of its self-cleaning properties resulting from extreme water resistance. The lotus flower's surface minimizes adhesion, allowing water droplets to pick up dirt particles more easily. Teflon™ Profile coating uses this phenomenon to keep food particles from sticking to cookware.

The Midcoat

Using a tough reinforcement creates a unique surface texture that not only gives this Teflon™ coating its unique look, but also opens up a new dimension in scratch resistance.

Performance Proof

To analyze its scratch resistance, the Teflon™ Profile coatings were put through the CAMUT simulation test, one of the industry’s toughest scratch tests for cookware coatings. This process mimics typical cooking activities like cutting, scratching, scraping, and stirring while measuring cookware resilience.

A computer-aided measuring station scratched the cookware with a fork, spatula, and whisk. Then, it analyzed and rated the surface. Teflon™ Profile coatings earned extremely high ratings, showing virtually no visible scratches in comparison to a standard-coated, smooth surface pan.

Add Spice to Your Cookware

Nature’s beauty includes a rainbow of colors—so we brought color to our Teflon™ Profile coatings, too:

Shark Blue

Spread cheer with this cool, fresh color.

Panther Purple

A classy eye-catcher that adds a little pop of fun.

Buffalo Copper

Channel this bright, trendy color right into your kitchen.