Teflon™ Fluoropolymers for Medical Uses

Increasing the Reliability of Medical Equipment

When people's health is on the line, medical practitioners need equipment that will operate efficiently. Fluoropolymers offer flexibility and chemical inertness, which makes them reliable for medical applications requiring precise action and exposure to chemical and biological elements.

For instance, surgeons and their teams often depend on light to guide their delicate, intricate, and incredibly involved work. Ultra-thin fluoropolymer resin coatings keep equipment like surgical headlights lightweight, while still providing a wide angle of illumination.

The Flexibility of High-Performance Teflon™ Resins

Teflon™ AF resins provide a combination of low refractive index, optical clarity, and consistent thin-coat application for surgical headlights. 

Additionally, these devices:

  • Yield a brilliant light
  • Reduce component weight
  • Enable the manufacture of extra-long cables that enable freer movement

Learn more about Teflon™ AF high-performance fluoropolymer resins.

Caution When Collaborating in Medical Applications

Chemours is committed to working with its customers to safely develop and increase the use of its materials in medical applications. These materials should not be used or resold for use in medical applications involving implantation in the human body or contact with internal body fluids or tissues without explicit consent.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with experienced partners to evaluate potential applications through our risk-assessment process. For more information, please contact us.