Teflon™ Fluoropolymers for Medical Uses

Increasing the Reliability of Medical Equipment

When people's health is on the line, medical practitioners need equipment that will operate efficiently. Fluoropolymers offer flexibility and chemical inertness, which makes them reliable for medical applications requiring precise action and exposure to chemical and biological elements.

Bulk Medical Tubing

The rise of elective and minimally invasive procedures as well as the shift to disposable materials is driving the growth for medical tubing. The bulk disposable tubing market is growing rapidly and there is a need for an all-purpose resin that can deliver multiple tubing constructions. As the market expands, manufacturers have focused on higher performance and ease of processing for the resin.

Manufacturers expect to use one resin throughout their bulk catalog to minimize operator error and potential quality issues. We have both Teflon™ FEP and PTFE resins designed for a range of processing technologies.

Pharmaceutical Stoppers

Growth of the elderly population as well as an increased prevalence of treatable diseases are causing the injectable market to rapidly expand. Rubber stoppers are advantageous in these drug vials to silicone and nitrile stoppers due to their elastomeric properties, such as sealing and temperature performance.

For a differentiated rubber stopper a fluoropolymer film can be applied during production. This film is applied in the existing process with a minimal amount of adjustment to the manufacturing parameters. The film provides the stopper with improved barrier properties, improved sealing, as well as preventing rubber components from leaching into the pharmaceutical container.

Teflon™ LF films are made of a proprietary blend of fluoropolymers that provide the best combination of attributes to make the film suitable for a pharmaceutical application.

Caution When Collaborating in Medical Applications

Chemours is committed to working with its customers to safely develop and increase the use of its materials in medical applications. These materials should not be used or resold for use in medical applications involving implantation in the human body or contact with internal body fluids or tissues without explicit consent.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with experienced partners to evaluate potential applications through our risk-assessment process. For more information, please contact us.