Reliable Performance in Extreme Conditions

Performance in Critical Applications

Many industries rely on Teflon™ fluoropolymers, from semiconductor manufacturing and pharmaceutical to biotech manufacturing and aeronautics. The diverse characteristics of fluoropolymers provide extremely reliable solutions across these demanding applications.

Success Stories from Different Applications

Circuit protection, better dielectrics, and easy application

Teflon™ AF (amorphous fluoropolymer) resins protect superconductor films from acids in semiconductor manufacturing. 

Resisting damage from corrosive gases

Corrosion-resistant equipment, like incinerators and power stations, use Teflon™ fluorocarbon films to protect heat exchangers from corrosion.

Performing beyond expectation

When Opportunity and Spirit first embarked on their journeys to Mars, no one expected them to perform years beyond their planned missions. Learn how Teflon™ fluoropolymers contributed to these longer-than-expected lifespans.

Increasing luminosity for medical applications

Surgeons and their teams often depend on light to guide their delicate, intricate, and incredibly involved work. The ultra-thin coating of Teflon™ AF resins keeps surgical headlights lightweight, while a low refractive index facilitates a wide angle of illumination.

Safeguarding purity

Analytical components used to manufacture semiconductor microelectronic devices need purity. Teflon™ PFA HP resins are found in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), semiconductor-based analytical systems for pharmaceutical research, and fluid handling systems. These resins help prevent contamination to ensure accurate assays.