Teflon™ AF Product Processing

Teflon™ AF Resins: Easier Processing Than Other Fluoropolymers

This versatile fluoropolymer makes processing easier because:

  • It’s mechanically stiff over a broad temperature range and has a low cold flow.
  • It requires no sintering to be cast into thin-film, pinhole-free coatings because it has limited solubility in perfluorocarbon solvents.
  • It only requires low heat to drive off residual solvent.
  • Spray, spin, brush, and dipping techniques can be used to apply solutions made with these products.
  • Extrusion, pressure, and injection molding with typical fluoropolymer molding equipment works well to mold parts made with Teflon™ AF resin at low temperatures.



Typical Molding Temperatures

Teflon™ AF 1600X

240-275 °C (464-527 °F)

Teflon™ AF 2400X-J

340-360 °C (644-680 °F)

Chemours recommends corrosion-resistant tooling and cautions against processing Teflon™ AF resins above 360 °C (680 °F), the temperature at which the polymer begins to decompose.

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