Teflon™ Coatings for Easy Clean

Teflon™ Coatings Simplify Cleaning for Materials and Components

Mechanical Parts and Equipment

Water-repellent fluoropolymer coatings are hydrophobic and non-wetting, which makes their surfaces easy to clean. By keeping parts clean, Teflon™ coatings help reduce the frequency and length of downtime required to maintain equipment and tools. Learn more.   

Automobile Interiors

As water-repellent and dirt-resistant automobile interiors become the industry standard, manufacturers now use repellent additives, or finishes, on floor mats and seat covers. These products help stop mud, dirt, and stains from sticking, thus improving the look and longevity of vehicle interiors.  Learn more.   

Easy-Clean Cookware and Bakeware

Teflon™ coatings prevent foods from adhering to the surfaces of consumer and industrial cookware, bakeware, and small electric appliances (SEAs). Learn more

Teflon™ coatings are also used in industrial bakeware and food/beverage processing. Learn more

Preventing Biofilm and Biomaterial Buildup

Unlike other materials, components made with some Teflon™ fluoropolymer resins resist biofilm formation on their smooth surfaces. The inertness and durability of Teflon™ fluoropolymers enables them to handle harsh cleaning chemicals and steam cleaning, making it easy to sanitize and disinfect surfaces. Learn more.