Teflon™ AF Resins

A Fluoropolymer with Optical Clarity and Gas Permeability

Teflon™ AF (amorphous fluoropolymer) resins have the same excellent optical clarity and mechanical properties of amorphous polymers. These resins also perform well over a wide range of temperatures and maintain outstanding electrical properties and chemical resistance. A unique chemical structure enhances their versatility and distinguishes this class from other fluoropolymers.

Features and Benefits

As high-performance fluoropolymer resins, Teflon™ AF resins offer chemical resistance and high thermal resistance. The special molecular structure of these amorphous fluoropolymer resins offer additional benefits, which include:

  • Optical clarity
  • Low refractive index
  • Exceptional UV stability and transmission capability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Reduced mold shrinkage
  • Low dielectric constant (1.89 to 1.93), even at gigahertz frequencies
  • Low dissipation factor and moisture sensitivity/moisture absorption
  • High compressibility and gas permeability
  • Solubility in perfluorinated solvents

Teflon™ AF Grades

Teflon™ AF is available as a powdered resin or solution in two grades: AF 1600X (*Tg 160 °C [320 °F]) and AF 2400X-J (Tg 240 °C [464 °F]).

AF 1600X
AF 2400X-J

AF 2400 1%
AF 1601 6%
AF 1601 18%

For more information, see the Teflon™ AF Resins Performance and Processing pages.

*Tg is the glass transition temperature


Teflon™ AF resins can be used in unlimited applications to meet current and future material challenges.

Optical Materials

Teflon™ AF products offer plenty of flexibility. They function as a clear coating for optical devices requiring a low refractive index. They also perform well in aggressive chemical environments with disparate temperatures and light waves (UV-IR).

Applications in this category include lens covers for microwave, radar, and optical devices; fiber optics, optical cladding; optoelectronic devices; UV cells and windows; passivation and protective coatings; and anti-reflective coatings for optical devices.

3D Printing

The optical clarity and gas permeability of films made with Teflon™ AF products enable efficient 3D printing and manufacturing.

Semiconductors and Processing Materials

Thanks to good dimensional stability, rigidity at high-use temperatures, and chemical inertness, Teflon™ AF products provide critical electrical properties for the next generation of computer chips.

Dielectric Materials

Teflon™ AF products are easy to mold and spin cast. Other uses include passivation layers and encapsulation for hybrid/sandwich integrated circuit packaging.

Biomedical Materials

Teflon™ AF solutions can be coated onto other substrates to enhance biocompatibility for optical sensing and diagnostic applications. They can also be used as a potential separation media for gases and liquids.

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