Teflon™ AF Performance

Imagine the Possibilities

The Teflon™ AF (amorphous fluoropolymers) family offers extraordinary performance characteristics compared to other product families on the market. Their properties are also customizable to meet the challenges of high-performance requirements and demanding applications.

Learn what you can do with a true amorphous fluoropolymer that offers all the properties of typical fluoropolymers, plus unique characteristics that include:

Selective Solubility

Teflon™ AF resins can be tailored to have narrow solubility in selected perfluorinated solvents while retaining chemical resistance to all other solvents and process chemicals. Initial tests have shown certain Teflon™ AF polymers having 3-15% solubility. This solubility facilitates solution-casting ultrathin coatings in submicron thicknesses. The Teflon™ AF family’s adhesion to substrates may require a surface treatment to alter and enhance performance.

Optical Clarity and Transmission

Teflon™ AF products facilitate a strong light transmission from ultraviolet (UV) light through most of the infrared (IR) range. Because it doesn’t absorb light, Teflon™ AF products will not deteriorate from light exposure. In relation to wavelength range and potential exposure conditions, these optical properties are unmatched by other fluoropolymers.


Refractive Index

Resins with higher glass-transition temperatures (Tg) exhibit lower indices of refraction. Teflon™ AF products have different Tg values to meet desired end-use characteristics and achieve the best balance of other properties.


Electrical Characteristics

Teflon™ AF polymers have the lowest dielectric constant of any polymer, even at gigahertz (GHz) frequencies. Their dissipation factor also remains low over the same range of frequencies.


Mechanical Properties

Teflon™ AF products exhibit excellent mechanical and physical properties at end-use temperatures up to 300 °C (572 °F). They also demonstrate good dimensional stability, reduced mold shrinkage, a smooth surface, and rigidity at high-use temperatures, making them excellent candidates for specialized chemical and industrial applications.


Creep Resistance

Unlike Teflon™ PFA, Teflon™ AF resins do not creep appreciably under tensile and compressive loads. This resistance to deformation under load is an uncommon trait for most fluoropolymers.


Thermal Expansion

Most fluoropolymers display significant degrees of thermal expansion over a wide range of use temperatures. But, Teflon™ AF resins are less affected by wide temperature ranges and higher temperatures than other typical fluoropolymers.

Flexibility. Versatility. Customizability.

The Teflon™ AF family of products enhances many demanding, high-performance applications, including protecting superconductors against acid. Learn more

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