Teflon™ FFR Resins

A Fluoropolymer Foam Resin Innovating Cable Solutions

Teflon™ FFRs (fluoropolymer foam resins) reduce the dielectric constant of insulating cable, enable lightning-fast data transmission with minimal distortion, and facilitate the manufacture of lighter, smaller wires and cables.

Resin and processing requirements depend on cable design. Thicker wall constructions like coaxial RG cable use a resin with a lower melt flow rate (MFR) in conjunction with a higher void content that needs lower drawdown tooling. Thinner wall constructions like Category 6 and 10G-BASE-T cables require higher MFR resins used at a lower void content with higher drawdown tooling.

Features and Benefits

Teflon™ FFR resins ensure that insulation adheres to copper wire, which leads to improved return loss and provides other characteristics common to fluoropolymer products. Wire insulation that uses Teflon™ FFR resins achieve velocity factors approaching 85%.

For key characteristics, features, and typical applications, see the Teflon™­ FFR resin table below. Contact our technical team for guidance in designing a solution that meets your needs.

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