Teflon™ NXT Granular

A Unique Class of Fluoropolymer Resins

Teflon™ NXT granular resins help improve the design and engineering of high-performance products across industries and reduce costs associated with common polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) applications. Teflon™ NXT granular resins also support innovation for parts and products currently manufactured from other materials.

Features and Benefits

Teflon™ NXT granular resins are chemically modified PTFE materials that maintain the same chemical, thermal, nonstick, and low-friction properties of conventional Teflon™ PTFE resins.

They also offer valuable new capabilities, including:

  • New fabricating versatility with welding, as Teflon™ NXT resins help strengthen a weld
  • Improved permeation resistance because the low micro-void content slows the transmigration of aggressive liquids and gases
  • Less creep and increased stiffness at higher temperatures
  • Smoother, less porous surfaces that stay cleaner
  • Better high-voltage insulation, which improves performance and reduces the cost of electrical connectors, dielectric films, and other products
  • Higher dielectric strength, allowing resins to endure more electric charge without breaking down

Thinking Outside the Box: Industrial Uses

Teflon™ NXT resins improve performance, extend equipment life, reduce maintenance costs, and facilitate innovative solutions for parts and products manufactured from other materials. They’re especially useful in parts produced for the chemical processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and electrical/electronics industries. These include:

Pipe Linings

Using Teflon™ NXT resins enable the replacement of bolted flange joints with welded pipe sections, reducing costs. These bonded joints minimize maintenance and emission monitoring. Steam and cold-water cycling tests indicate no fatigue or blistering of welded linings with Teflon™ NXT.

Vessel Linings

Teflon™ NXT resins facilitate welding without adhesive or theraform liner parts to fit manways, vessel heads, and nozzles. Glass fabric backing securely embedded in sheets helps vessel linings attach to their respective substrates.

Gaskets and Seals

Teflon™ NXT resins offer improved high-temperature stiffness and creep resistance, making them ideal for gaskets and seals made of filled and reinforced compounds. This enables gaskets and seals to better resist deformation, preventing leaks and extending maintenance timelines.


Teflon™ NXT resins resist performance-degrading contamination while offering higher temperature stiffness, improved mechanical performance, and smoother surfaces. These properties allow manufacturers to increase voltage ratings for electrical connectors.

Capacitor Films

Teflon™ NXT resins enable the manufacture of smaller capacitors. The dielectric films that use Teflon™ NXT can be thinner and withstand higher voltages than conventional PTFE material.

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