Chemours Products That Carry the Teflon™ Brand Are Safe for Their Intended Use

Get the facts

We understand you may have heard or read something questioning the safety of Teflon™ branded products. Here are the facts:

These products include industrial and consumer products like coatings for cookware, and textile finishes for fabrics.

Chemours conducts rigorous safety, health, and environmental testing—as well as stewardship reviews—to ensure products are safe for their intended uses. The safety of many of the Teflon™ branded products has also been affirmed by published peer-reviewed research.

Global Regulatory Registrations

Chemours complies with global regulations wherever our products are sold. This includes completing testing, regulatory filings and notifications to manufacture and sell in the United States, Europe, China, Japan and other countries where required.

In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), does not believe there is any reason for consumers to stop the routine use of products made with PFCs (perfluorinated compounds), including nonstick cookware and products such as breathable, all-weather clothing.

Chemours Products Deliver Important Benefits

Millions of people around the world safely use products that carry the Teflon™ brand to address the challenges of today and provide solutions for the future. These products are essential across many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and communications as well as consumer products.

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