Teflon™ ETFE Industrial Coatings

Innovating Architecture with Teflon™ ETFE Industrial Coating Systems

Considered one of the most durable fluoropolymer coatings, Teflon™ ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) industrial coatings are used widely across the chemical, power, energy production, and semiconductor industries.

These coatings have excellent chemical resistance because they are a nonporous film capable of operating continuously at 149 °C (300 °F). These multi-coat systems come in water-based liquid and powder form.

Features and Benefits

Characteristics of the water- and powder-based Teflon™ ETFE coatings include:

  • High film-build capabilities
  • Industry-leading chemical resistance
  • Very good dielectric strength
  • Interchangeable and compatible liquid and powder topcoats
  • A wide range of FDA-compliant options for food application
  • Improved efficiency when the powder primer is used in conjunction with a complete powder system
  • Compatibility with aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel substrates
  • In-use operating temperature of 149 °C (300 °F)

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