AES Copper Clad Laminate Solutions

High-speed, high frequency materials for next generation Printed Circuit Board design

Invented by the world’s leading scientists and engineers to upgrade the performance and processability of existing PTFE laminate for PCB market, Chemours’ new offering of the innovative PFA based solutions are different. It provides a new tool kit to PCB designs to work around the most challenging issues on signal integrity, bandwidth limitations, material processibility and other electrical and mechanical performance.

Key benefits:

  • Ultra-low insertion loss, up to 175GHz.
  • High copper foil peel strength
  • Laser drillable and reliable metallization
  • 0.0008-0.0011 dissipation factor
  • 2.35-2.45 X/Y dielectric constant

Choosing the right materials for your design:

Our portfolio offering include single sided and double sided laminate (CCL), pre-preg and adhesives, in the product forms of panel and rolls.

50 µm dielectric thickness:

  • 12 µm copper
  • 20 µm films
  • Glass reinforcement
  • Double and single sided.

125 µm dielectric thickness:

  • 12 µm copper
  • 54 µm films
  • Glass reinforcement
  • Double sided.

Copper foil can be specified as needed.


Automotive radar, mobile devices, telecom infrastructure, routers, and data centers

Performance at a glance: