Caring for Fabrics FAQ

You’ve Invested in Your Fabric—Treat It Well

Teflon™ textile finishes are designed to repel water, dirt, and splatters and remove ground-in stains in the wash. While the finishes themselves don't require special care, the fabrics they're used on might. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions to extend the lifetime of your items.

General FAQs

How long do Teflon™ textile finishes last? Will they wash out?

Because Teflon™ textile finishes are built right into the fabric, they’ll keep protecting items wash after wash.

How does fabric treated with Teflon™ textile finishes remain so soft?

Teflon™ textile finishes do not affect breathability or feel because they surround individual fibers with an invisible shield. Learn how Teflon™ textile finishes work.

Can I purchase a spray can of Teflon™ repellent finish to treat my fabrics?

No. Teflon™ textile finishes are applied at the fabric mill or finisher to ensure the highest quality and most durable finish and are not available as a consumer-applied product.

General Tips for Cleaning Fabrics Treated with Teflon™ Textile Finishes

Dirt and messes happen, but that doesn't mean that apparel, furniture, or other materials treated with Teflon™ textile finishes are ruined.

For best stain-removing results, follow the manufacturer's care guidelines.

The following sites provide useful tips: