Teflon™ AF Products Case Study: Superconductor Films

Effective Circuit Protection. Improved Dielectrics. Easy Application

Unlike conventional niobium superconductors, superconductor films function at temperatures readily achieved by cooling with liquid nitrogen or mechanical refrigeration. Teflon™ AF solutions protect these films based on metal oxides using a 2-mm application of passivation coating.


Sapphire wafer with superconductive film made with Teflon™ AF solution. This wafer functions as the front end of a two-channel microwave receiver.

Benefits of Using Teflon™ AF Solutions

Teflon™ AF products provide a unique combination of superior properties that are needed in demanding, high-performance applications. The unique structure and properties of Teflon AF enable its use in superconductor films and other applications. These properties offer:

  • Effective protection against atmospheric acids and better adhesion than typical polyimide passivation coatings
  • Durability by adding good resistance to boiling water
  • Easy application via conventional spin coating techniques to a controlled thickness down to one micrometer (μm)
  • Higher electrical performance by increasing velocity of propagation and reducing cross talk in superconductor-based devices because of its low dielectric constant (1.89 to 1.93)
  • Selective solubility in perfluorinated solvents
  • Optical clarity and transmission from the deep UV range into the IR range

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