Teflon™ Fluoropolymers for Food and Beverage Processing

Improving the Productivity and Efficiency of Food Processing

Food processing deals with issues like plugging, corrosion, and sticking, which can jeopardize efficiency and contaminate the product. Components and linings manufactured with high-performance fluoropolymers can:

  • Cut equipment maintenance costs
  • Increase uptime and throughput
  • Safeguard product purity

The food and drink industry needs chemically inert, exceptionally pure, high-performance fluoropolymer materials that facilitate cleanliness, non-contamination, and easy release in valves, piping, and other standard fluid handling components.

These characteristics reduce the frequency, amount, and harshness of cleaning materials used in processing facilities, which benefits the environment. Reduced downtime for cleaning equipment can also potentially improve plant productivity by 15 to 25%.

Teflon™ Fluoropolymers Enhance Food and Beverage Processing Equipment

Processing equipment benefits from the chemically inert, high purity, and biofilm resistance characteristics of Teflon™ fluoropolymers. These fluoropolymers deliver more value when used as:

  • Linings for metal vessels, piping, pumps, and valves
  • Pipe, hose, and tubing
  • Valve and pump components
  • Seals and gaskets

Provide Purity and Reduce Biofilm

Teflon™ fluoropolymers offer nearly universal chemical resistance and produce a smooth, low-surface energy layer that resists biofilm buildup. Learn more.

Make Equipment Cleaning Easier

The nonstick surfaces of Teflon™ fluoropolymers resist many stubborn food products. Processors extend time between cleanings because food is less likely to stick to these fluoropolymers. Learn more.

Applications That Benefit from Teflon™ Fluoropolymers

Belts and Conveyors for Cooking and Food Processing

Belts and conveyors made with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coatings are used in cooking and food processing for mass-produced foods such as eggs, bacon, sausage, chicken, and hamburgers.

The PTFE coating creates a release surface that facilitates a high volume of production for commercial food processors. For more information on this application, contact us.

Industrial Bakeries

Industrial bakeries that choose Teflon™ coatings see a range of benefits, including higher performance, productivity, and efficiency. Learn more.