The Essential Importance of High Purity

Enabling High Purity in Critical Applications

Fluoropolymers play an essential role in chip manufacturing. Even the smallest trace impurities or certain elemental materials can create significant impact to device yields. Chemours manufactures its resins to maintain the highest levels of purity.

Chemours regularly analyzes products to verify their compliance with both internal and industry inspections, including ASTM and SEMI. This analysis helps to achieve and maintain the lowest levels of surface extractable ionic, metal, and total organic carbon content. Properly processed components produced with Teflon™ fluoropolymer resins are used successfully in applications requiring SEMI F57¹ and SEMI C90² compliance.

¹SEMI F57: Specification for Polymer Materials and Components Used in Ultrapure Water and Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems

²SEMI C90: Test Method and Specification for Testing Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) Materials Used in Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems