Trademark and Licensing the Teflon™ Brand

Adding Value and Differentiation with the Teflon™ Brand

For consumers and manufacturers alike, the Teflon™ brand stands for easy care and cleaning, nonstick qualities, and exceptional protection. Featuring the Teflon™ brand on your product, packaging, and promotional materials assures consumers they are receiving high-quality products.

Whether it's paint, cookware, home goods, apparel, or industrial products, licensing the Teflon™ brand:

  • Enhances your product's quality
  • Increases awareness
  • Influences customer preferences
  • Bolsters your bottom line

How to Obtain the Rights to Promote the Teflon™ Brand

Because customers worldwide associate the Teflon™ brand with high performance and quality, they recognize value of the products they purchase.

A signed trademark license agreement gives you the legal right to use the Teflon™ brand with your products.

To obtain this trademark license agreement for the Teflon™ brand, please request an application or contact your Chemours representative.