StreaMax™ Coating Systems

Designed to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Costs

Specifically developed for the oil and gas industry, StreaMax™ coating systems are designed to maximize well productivity and minimize operating and maintenance costs.

StreaMax™ coating systems minimize the accumulation and deposition of asphaltenes, paraffins, and scale in production tubulars and offer a universal solution for flow assurance.

How StreaMax™ Coating Systems Work

The properties present in StreaMax™ coating systems make them a good choice for oil and gas well tubulars. These properties include:

  • A multilayered system with specific engineered functions assigned to each layer
  • Holiday-free surface throughout the pipe
  • Excellent nonstick and product release properties
  • A wide operating temperature range, from -100 to 260 °C (-150 to 500 °F)
  • Resistance to high pressures up to 3,000 psi and rapid decompression
  • Excellent chemical resistance from H₂S and CO₂ gasses and all acids and bases, even at high temperatures

The Competitive Advantage of Using StreaMax™ Coating Systems

These fluoropolymers help grow the potential for increased flow throughput rate from reduced surface roughness, drag, and plugging. Using StreaMax™ coating systems improves output productivity and shrinks downtime.

Proven Results

StreaMax™ XF coating systems have been proven effective in various testing situations.

Test Types


Autoclave lab

  • Unaffected after 29 days of exposure at 1026 psi and 122 °C (251 °F) gas phase (5% H₂S, 5% CO₂, 90% methane), organic phase (kerosene, toluene), and brine phase

Paraffin cold finger

  • 60% less buildup when compared to bare steel and other coatings

Paraffin flow loop

  • 60% less deposition when compared to bare steel at turbulent flow

Asphaltene flow loop

  • 66% reduction in asphaltene deposits when compared to bare steel


  • More than 50% deposit reduction when compared to bare steel

Live well results

  • A western Canada well with a history of asphaltene problems used tubulars lined with StreaMax™ XF coatings had zero deposits after 21 days

High-pressure flow loop

  • Tests that use entrained sand have confirmed abrasion-resistance properties

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Production Tubing with StreaMax™ XF Coating Systems in Latin America Case Study

The Challenge
Asphaltene and paraffin deposition were causing significant problems in the production tubing of major oil fields in Latin America. The customer wanted to increase the wells' productivity by inhibiting organic and inorganic material deposits. Additionally, the customer wanted to reduce maintenance costs, cleanup, and intervention for these critical wells.

The Solution
A test well with StreaMax™ XF coating system was installed to confirm improved performance and reduced maintenance.

Benefits Gained
After 48 months of continuous operation, the new test well that received the StreaMax™ XF coating system required zero cleanups, while the reference well required bi-monthly cleanup.

These results exceeded customer's expectations, leading them to request that additional wells with StreaMax™ XF coatings be installed.