Teflon™ Coatings for Industrial Bakeware

Durable Coatings Needed for Industrial Baking Applications

Teflon™ coatings for industrial bakeware assure high-quality coating solutions for industrial bakeries. These coatings help industrial bakeries drive efficiency and improve the hygiene and safety of their operations while simultaneously improving the quality and nutritional benefit of the final baked product.

Teflon™ coatings for industrial bakeware help bakeries win against rising baking costs and downward price pressures.

These long lasting coatings offer:

  • The highest number of bakes with less downtime
  • Optimized process flow and excellent release capabilities
  • Quality improvement, including excellent dough flow characteristics and more consistent bakes with fewer rejects
  • Energy saving, using less air while de-panning
  • Improved safety that helps eliminate residues in the pan
  • Bakery hygiene and safety, requiring less work space clean up
  • Reduced product fat content due to no pan oil

Industrial bakeries know that trays and molds made with high-quality Teflon™ industrial coatings will withstand the demands of heavy use. These systems have been developed over 25 years, and are based on extensive experience in the industrial bakeware market and the scientific progression of fluoropolymer technology.

The Teflon™ branded systems are exclusively available on trays and molds manufactured and marketed by a network of licensed bakeware marketers. A network of highly qualified, licensed applicators apply coatings to bakeware and re-coat bakeware on behalf of bakeries.

Treated items include:

  • Flat and small indented trays used for hamburger buns, croissants, hot dog rolls, and some pastries.
  • Deep-drawn molds used for sandwich bread made with different types of dough, bread, and crustless bread.
  • Perforated, flat, or corrugated aluminum trays such as baguette trays
  • Special application molds such as pizza trays, pretzels, etc., requiring even more specific properties for the coating system.

Brand Assurance, Certificate, and Seal

Chemours developed Teflon™ brand seals for licensed marketers and applicators to assure network transparency and verify the quality of Teflon™ industrial bakeware coatings.

Marketers who have signed a marketer trademark license agreement with Chemours earn the right to promote and sell their coated trays and molds under the Teflon™ brand and can use their customized co-branding marketer seals.

Marketers/applicators may use these seals on their promotional literature, invoices, shipping documents, exhibition stands, and websites. The marketers/applicators can physically apply seals to their coated trays and molds and on packaging used for customer shipments.

Licensing Applications and Marketers

Licensed Applicators
P.D. Service S.r.L. (Italy)

Cruson Coatings B.V. (Netherlands)

Technoflon Coating Systems B.V. (Netherlands)

Licensed Marketers

Kempf GmbH (Germany)