Teflon™ Fluoropolymers Exhibit Excellent Chemical and Thermal Resistance

Unmatched Protection Against Harsh Environments

With chemical inertness and temperature resistance ranging from -200 to 260 °C (-328 to 500 °F), Teflon™ fluoropolymers like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) offer nearly unmatched versatility across applications.

A wide range of industries—especially those requiring high-purity environments—depend on the chemical/thermal resistance properties that Teflon™ industrial coatings, resins, and films provide to protect equipment, tools, and processes.

Oil and Gas

Downhole environments, oil and gas refineries, and pipelines all depend on the high chemical and thermal resistance fluoropolymers provide.


Durability under extreme temperatures, exceptionally low permeability, and outstanding resistance to chemicals helps fluoropolymers drive better automotive performance. 


The aerospace and aircraft industries demand exceptional performance in  the harsh environments within our atmosphere and beyond. Space programs and jet aircraft development utilize fluoropolymers for their exceptional chemical resistance to hydraulic fluids, solvents, and cleaning solutions; UV resistance; and operability over broad temperature ranges.


Semiconductor manufacturing involves ultra-high purity chemicals and solvents. Systems and equipment use fluoropolymers to increase corrosion resistance and prevent leaching that can potentially introduce contaminants.

Chemical Processing and Medical Packaging

Medical packaging and chemical processing rely on fluoropolymer films when chemical resistance is critical. These films also improve weathering resistance in architectural membranes.