Teflon™ Down and Feather Protector: How It Works

Better-Performing Down and Feather Fill

Down feathers—the soft, fluffy undercoat beneath the tougher, protective feathers—are one of the best insulators for jackets and blankets, thanks to their excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and resistance to compression damage. These items perform even better when treated with Teflon™ down and feather protector.

Teflon™ down and feather protector prevents natural fill from absorbing moisture from the environment. This allows down and feathers to keep their insulating properties while resisting damage from compression.

When treated, down and feathers:

  • Dry more quickly
  • Retain their warmth rating and fullness
  • Plump up more quickly and easily after washing

Uses for Teflon™ Down and Fabric Protector

A wide range of products benefit from Teflon™ down and fabric protector, including jackets, snow pants, sleeping bags, pillows, and comforters.

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