How Teflon™ Fabric Protector Works

Enhancing Fabrics by Repelling Water, Oil, and Stains

Whether it’s apparel, upholstery, awnings, or patio cushions, Teflon™ fabric protector:

  • Resists soil, stains, and spills
  • Keeps fabrics and textiles looking new longer
  • Facilitates easier cleanup

Teflon™ fabric protector works on a variety of fabric types without interfering with weight, look, feel, color, or breathability.

Textiles treated with Teflon™ fabric protector require less frequent washing because they're better protected from stains.

Teflon™ Shield Products Offer Repellency

Teflon™ Shield+ and Teflon™ Shield Pro+ fabric protector are used on many textiles, including outerwear, upholstery, luggage, and outdoor fabrics.

Materials treated with this technology repel water and oil to successfully resist unpredictable spills, stains, and splashes. Most liquids bead up and roll off the surface; just a brush of the hand removes dry soil. Fabrics with these technologies also dry quicker.

Teflon™ Clean Products Offer Stain Release

Both Teflon™ Clean and Teflon™ Clean+ fabric protector work well for releasing ground-in stains. They're suitable for use on school uniforms, workwear, and home textiles. Most oil- and water-based stains disappear from fabrics protected with stain release during normal laundering or cleaning.

Combination Technology

Teflon™ Shield and Clean+ fabric protector combines repellent and stain release to not only repel water, oil, and other liquids, but to also remove ground-in stains in the wash.

Adding Teflon™ Brand to Your Products—or Lifestyle

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